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The new Temple regarding Horus within Edfu, one of the better-kept Greco-Roman web sites into the Egypt, is going to be combined with Kom Ombo

The new Temple regarding Horus within Edfu, one of the better-kept <a rel="nofollow" href="">fru irländsk</a> Greco-Roman web sites into the Egypt, is going to be combined with Kom Ombo

It’s really no miracle you to Wally and that i like temples and you will went to up to i possibly you will definitely during the our time in Egypt. Our preferences was brand new smaller-busy of these, additionally the Temple out-of Horus during the Edfu fell into the these kinds.

Wally and you may Duke leased a motorist and you may help guide to get her or him of Aswan to help you Luxor, closing at Kom Ombo and you may Edfu on the road up.

The town off Edfu and its Ptolemaic-period temple involved a-two-hours push regarding Forehead out of Kom Ombo and you will is towards south west Bank of your own Nile.

Romantic Edfu Temple

? Brand new evil god Seth is actually revealed in the form of a beneficial hippopotamus, their diminutive dimensions leaving him quicker threatening.

Inside the antiquity, Edfu is actually known as Behdet, plus the part is actually also known as Wetjeset-Hrw, “Where Horus Is Extolled.” Local lore hypothesized that the is the website of your brutal and final competition ranging from Horus, good falcon-oriented god of the heavens, and his wicked brother, Seth, good jackal-oriented god away from a mess which slain Horus’ dad Osiris. The present day Arabic term, Edfu, is inspired by the latest ancient Egyptian term Djeba, otherwise Etbo from inside the Coptic. Djeba setting Retribution Town, that it becoming the spot where the opposition of Horus had been brought to justice.

Structure on Forehead regarding Horus are been by the Ptolemy III inside the 237 BCE, after the last indigenous Egyptian pharaoh governed. Their layout brings together classical Egyptian structural facets which have Greco-Roman influences. Work with the fresh new forehead is actually seem to stalled on account of insurrection – the new Egyptians despised their new Ptolemaic rulers. It sooner or later grabbed half a dozen consecutive statutes accomplish, within the 57 BCE.

Brand new mammisi prior to the main temple during the Edfu celebrates Harsomptus, brand new son out of Horus and you can Hathor. The courtyard facing less framework is this site off an annual event off vocal and dance.

Mais aussi Tu, Edfu?

The site is just one of the top-kept pharaonic monuments, compliment of getting nearly totally tucked inside the sand up to French archaeologist Auguste Mariette stumbled across her or him and you will began excavating the fresh new spoils inside the 1860. During the time, the newest wasteland had swallowed the brand new temple around the lintels, and you can locals got founded mud-stone homes on top of the hypostyle hallway.

Later years away from Coptic Christians had an adverse practice of defiling imagery of one’s gods, that they viewed as blasphemous.

The focal point of forehead external ‘s the access door. Monumental inside size, the dual pylons level a superb 118 feet high. The fresh new incised reliefs depict Ptolemy XII smiting his enemies before Horus. Since this a portion of the build is visible to the general personal, and literacy account was actually nonexistent – only at the very top few you can expect to understand and establish hieroglyphics – graphics similar to this was utilized because propaganda so you can focus on new you will and you may legitimacy of rulers.

Imagery to your pylon doors would have been noticeable to brand new social and served just like the propaganda to help you legitimize this new Ptolemaic dynasty.

Wally really stands which have among the monster falcon statues out side. They portray the latest jesus Horus, in addition to quick people they are securing is actually none other than Caesarion, the new child off Cleopatra and Julius Caesar.

Outside the pylon ‘s the court off products, an enormous paved patio encircled towards the about three sides from the a good thirty-two-columned arcade where society would render their products on the sculpture of Horus.

Adorning the latest structure was reliefs depicting the latest Meal of Gorgeous Fulfilling, the new yearly reunion anywhere between Horus and his wife, Hathor. The fresh new event live 15 months throughout the coming of your own sacred cult picture of brand new deity, hence journeyed by the sacred barge regarding Dendera so you can Edfu. The new sculptures of the gods was in fact reunited within the forehead haven, in which Hathor try symbolically impregnated by the Horus and you can returned to Dendera so you’re able to bear its guy Harsomptus.

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